How often the horse needs to be transported will depend on the purposes that the horse is being used for. If the horse is only being used for pleasure riding, it will not need usually need to be transported off the premises where it is being housed. On the other hand, if the horse is being used for racing events or competitions than transporting may be much more frequent. Even a horse that is not transported on a regular basis may on occasion need to be moved, for example in the case of being taken to a veterinarian.


There are different categories of horseboxes such as the standard horse box trailers.

The standard horsebox looks very much like a typical utility trailer that has an average rooftop and floor with the interior having a built in stall. The number of stalls will depend on the number of horses that are going to be transported which will dictate the size of the trailer needed.

For those that are going with an HGV horsebox style, this is a much more advanced transportation item. In this case, the engine, as well as the area that is going to be used for the horse, are built on the same chassis.

Transportation Requirements

Throughout the UK there are specific rules and regulations that are mandated for the transporting of horses. A horse owner must be well aware of the licensing requirements as well as the training and handling and the towing of horse box trailers. It must be remembered that towing behind a vehicle at any time requires extra attention. When one is hauling live cargo like horses, additional attention must be placed on the handling of the vehicle.

The top priority at all times when transporting horses must be the safety of the driver as well as others on the road as well as though horses themselves.