There are many different things that you are going to have to consider when making your purchase of a horsebox. This is because there are many various components that this piece of equipment is comprised of. You are going to want to pay special attention to the features of the horsebox that you are considering.

Loading and Unloading.

One of the priorities to focus on is how easy it is going to be to load and unload your horse. Horses do take a minimal amount of training to handle the task of getting onto a horsebox and getting off. It is up to the trainer or owner to make sure that the horse is comfortable doing this. Some horses adapt to this easier than others.

One of the features that will lend to this is the configuration of the horsebox. Make sure that there is no possibility that the hind legs of the horse can slip under the step-up of the horsebox when backing out. The horse must feel comfortable and have proper footing when going through this action.


It is most important that there is enough room for the number of horses that are going to be transported in the horsebox. Not only is this important for distributing the load when trailering but also for the safety of the horses. In an unfortunate event that a accident should occur there has to be enough room to be able to extract a horse should it become trapped.

When choosing the horsebox concerning capacity the comfort and the safety of the horse have to be considered. Also, some thought has to be given to what the capacity is for the vehicle that will be doing the towing of the horsebox.

These are a few several vital aspects to consider when making such an important purchase as a horse trailer.