Some may not realise just how much care a horse requires. Individuals that have owned a pet like a dog or some of the other domestic animals know what the necessary care is. These type of animals are often quite self-sufficient other than being provided with a good home and being fed properly.

The Proper Housing

For a good majority of the time horses can be kept in a pasture but in the bad weather, they are going to need additional protection. Some horses can thrive quite well being out to pasture all year and just having a lean-to for cover under when the weather is fierce. Other horses do better if they are housed in a good facility such as a barn. This is a decision that has to be made by the horse owner.

Proper Feeding

Proper feeding is critically important for the health and care of a horse. During the warmer months they can get much of their nutrition from pasture but often need to be supplemented with hay and grains. Grains are particularly important during the winter months. There is a general rule that most horse owners follow when it comes to the amount that a horse should be fed. In general, it is indicated that the horse’s bodyweight will dictate the amount of roughage that they need. It is estimated that the average horse will need 1% to 2% of their weight each day to sustain themselves.


Horses are very intuitive, and some say they can read human emotions.

Some individuals will buy horses that are fully trained so minimal extra training will be needed. For those that buy a horse that has not as yet been broken then there is a lot of time and work that is going to be required to get the horse to the point where it can be properly handled. This again comes into extra care that is needed for the horse.